The Iniridae is a small and peaceful dwarf cichlid found in South America. It grows to about 5.6cm and are a Harem breeder. They can be housed with other Dwarf Cichlids and community fishes. They are found in the very soft acid waters of the upper Rio Negro and the upper Rio Orinoco drainages. They are very similar to the members of the pertensis group of Apistos with the males of both groups sporting large high sail-like dorsal fins. A. iniridae can be among the most difficult of the Apistos to successfully reproduce in the aquarium.

Common Name Iniridae
Scientific Name Apistogramma iniridae
Size 5.6 cm
Origin South America, Rio Negro
Tank Setup Community Setup
Temperature 24 – 28 degrees
Feeding Omnivore, take flakes, small live and frozen food as well.
Gender Females are more colourful generally yellow