The Apistogramma¬†Trifasciatum a cave spawning Dwarf Cichlid, they are a very peaceful variety of cichlid and can be kept with most fishes. They grow to about 5 cm and is similar to the other apistogrammas except its not as colourful as the rest. Most people buy this fish for its lush blue high dorsal fin, which has a nice blue shine to it. As well as its light blue shding on its body. The requirements for this fish are the same as most Apistogrammas – well filtered, slow moving soft water; hiding places, a variety of foods, and plants, wood, or rocks to break up their line of sight – but this species seems to thrive and breed at a wider pH and GH range than other Apistos. They are harem breeders, so you should keep 1 male to 2 or more females. Wild specimens may only accept live foods, but tank raised fish eat pretty much anything. Tank mates should be small and non-aggressive. I’ve kept them with tetras, killifish, otos, and corydoras without incident, except during breeding when the corys get knocked around a little bit (nothing serious though).

Common Name Three-Stripe Apisto
Scientific Name Apistogramma Trifasciatum
Size 5 cm
Origin Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, and Southern Brazil
Tank Setup Community Setup
Temperature 24 – 28 degrees
Feeding Omnivore, take flakes, small live and frozen food as well.
Gender Healthy males have a brilliant blue irridescence on their bodies and tall red/orange rays on the leading edge of the dorsal fin, something like A. cacatuoides. Females are smaller and yellowish-grey, but turn bright yellow during breeding. I’ve noticed that wild caught specimens are less colourful, but tend to develop nicer dorsal fins.