The Discus is a popular and colourful South American Cichlid that are still popular ever since they were introduced to the hobby in the 1920’s. They get their name from the shape of their body, there are many varient available, ranging from bright lemon yellow to the speckle colours of a leopard skin Discus. They are more for the experience aquarist then beginners because they are very sensitive to changes. These guys are great if you want to add colour and if you want a unique and display fish, the Discus is the go.
Common Name Discus
Scientific Name Symphysodon Aequifasciatus
Size 15.5cm
Origin Amazon Lakes and Rivers
Tank Setup Community Setup to Planted setup, best kept with other large peaceful Cichlids like Angels and Dwarf Cichlids
Temperature 26 – 29 degrees
Feeding Carnivorous, prefers live foods like blood worms and tubifex worms, but they can be taught to take flakes, to pellets and granules.
Gender Genital papilla are more pointed in the males, while the females tend to be more rounded.