The African Butterfly is a top dwelling predator, which on preys on live insects and small fishes that dwell at the top waterline. Other then that they tend to be very peaceful and leaving mid dweller and bottom dwellers alone. They are also active in the daytime but tend to be a little bit more active during the night. These guys also come from a slow moving river so its best kept in a tank with slow moving water.
Common Name African Butterfly Fish, Freshwater Butterfly
Scientific Name Pantodon Buchholzi
Size 10cm
Origin West Africa
Tank Setup can be kept with other peaceful mid and bottom dwelling fishes. The tank should always be covered because these guys are known as jumpers.
Temperature 24 – 28 degrees
Feeding Carnivore, prefer to take live foods such as crickets and other live foods that would float at the top of the waterline
Gender Unknown