The most distinctive feature of the Bubble eye is of course their eyes, which are fluid filled sacks. This causes the fish only to look up, that’s why floating food is a must in keeping these guys thriving in the aquarium. They should be kept in a tank with minimal ornaments and rocks to prevent them colliding into them. These guys are best kept on their own or with Celestials


Common Name Bubble Eye
Scientific Name Carassius Auratus Var.
Size 10 cm
Origin Slow moving rivers and pond in China.
Tank Setup Should be kept with slow moving fishes.
Temperature 10 -20 degrees
Feeding Omnivorous, but can eat mainly floating foods, due to their eyes being in the way if they forage the ground.
Gender The females tend to have a more fuller body and the males develop tubercles on their heads and ridges on their pectoral fins during spawning time.