Checkerboard cichlids are a torpedo shape cichlid that have a distinguish checkered pattern on their body, this is also where their name derived from. They are peaceful and easy to keep cichlid and can be kept with other American cichlids and other species such as Silver Dollars, Barbs, Sharks and Angels.

Common Name Checkerboard Cichlid, Checkerboard Lyretail, Chessboard Cichlid,
Scientific Name Crenicara Filamentosa, Cremocara Filamentosus, Dicrossus Filamentosa
Size 7.5cm
Origin South American Streams and Rivers
Tank Setup Community setups
Temperature 23 to 25 degrees
Feeding Carnivorous, Can take pellets, Granules and Flakes, but thrive more on frozen to live food.
Gender Males tend to be larger and have more coloration then the females.