These big guys have a unique lip, mainly because its larger then most cichlids. The lips also gives it a different feeding habit then most cichlids, it causes the fish to feed vertically instead of the usual diagonal scooping for food. They are also fairly peaceful but only show aggressions to similiar fishes like C. Rhoadesii and P. Taeniolatus. Great fish to keep and has a variety of colours to to show off. Just remember these guys grow fairly big so a large tank with a lot of open space to swim is needed.
Common Name Big Lipped Cichlid
Scientific Name Chilotilapia Euchilus
Size 30cm
Origin Lake Malawi
Tank Setup Should be housed with other peaceful cichlids. Open space to swim is needed due to there habits and how large they eventually get.
Temperature 20 – 27 degrees
Feeding Omnivore, they can take flake, to granulaes and pellets.
Gender The males are larger and are more colourful