Cichlasoma Festae are a bright red American cichlid that will grow large, so a big tank is a must for these beautiful fishes. They are also very aggresive and are best kept in large tanks with tanks mates that are able to defend themselves. These guys are hard to breed and become a great fish for any large predatory setup.
Common Name Red Terror, Guayas Cichlid, Harlequin Cichlid
Scientific Name Cichlasoma Festae, Amphilophus Festae, Herichthys Festae, Heros Festae, Nandopsis Festae
Size 40cm
Origin Ecuador and Colombia
Tank Setup Aggresive tank setup, should be kept with other fishes that can defend themselves or are similiar size.
Temperature 25 to 28 degrees
Feeding Omnivores, they accept all kinds of different foods. SO the pellets, granules, flakes would be fine. They would also thrive on frozen and live.
Gender The females keept he vivid red and black bars while the males have similiar but grow larger.