The Cuckoo Catfish is an attractive and popular catfish with a vibrant pattern, they make an intersting and a great addition to a Malawi Setup or Tanganyikan Setup. They are usually very active in the daytime and also have a nice personality. They are best seen in a small group as they tend to shoal together and adds life into a tank full of non active fishes. Great addition and a worth while fish to keep.
Common Name Cuckoo Catfish
Scientific Name Synodontis Multipunctuatus
Size 15.2cm
Origin East African Lake Tanganyika
Tank Setup Community Setup and does well in a cichlid setup.
Temperature 20 – 27 degrees
Feeding Omnivorous, Does well with sinking food and they can also be fed frozen and live food to balance out their diet.
Gender Can only be desexed by venting, females have a round papilla, while the males have a more pointed papilla that is about 3 to 5mm and gives of an interpretation of a triangle.