The Brasiliensis is one of the easier Eartheaters to care and look after. They are great for beginners who are just starting with eartheaters. These fishes are very tolerant of other fishes and other species of the same genus which makes them perfect additions to a community setup.
Common Name Pearl Cichlid, Mother of Pearl Eartheater
Scientific Name Geophagus Brasiliensis
Size Males reach 30cm females reach 15cm
Origin South America, Found in the coastal parts of Brazil
Tank Setup Community setup
Temperature 20 – 24 degrees
Feeding Omnivorous, does well with flakes, pellets, granules, but they tend to thrive on live and frozen food.
Gender The males are larger and also grows a Nuchal hump on the forehead. Also when its large enough the males will also have an elongated dorsal fin, and finally the genital papilla on the males are pointed.