A very peaceful cichlid that dwells in the muddy bottom of the Great Lake Tanganyika, they can be kept with the peaceful varieties of Tanganyika Cichlids. They are easy to look after, they are also a very active species that darts from here to there in the tank often. They grow to about 15cm making it suitable for a medium size tank and are a relatively nice species to add to the tank.


Common Name Spangled Cichlid
Scientific Name Luminochromis Auritus
Size 15cm
Origin Lake Tanganyika
Tank Setup Seemingly peaceful ciclid, can be kept in a community setup
Temperature 25 – 30 degrees
Feeding Carnivore, thrives on live food to frozen and are able to be taught to take pellets and granules
Gender Males and females are very similiar, so its a bit hard to tell the difference,