The Pearl Scale is the newest variety of fancy goldfish, and they are a very delicate variety. It has been bred from many years of line breeding to create the Pearlscale effect and the spherical shape. These are great to keep for fishkeepers, and are very cute. They are best kept with slow moving fishes.There is also a crown variety which has a pearlscale body but has a lionhead crown.

Common Name Pearlscale
Scientific Name Carassius Auratus Var.
Size 15cm
Origin Found in China in ponds and slow-moving rivers.
Tank Setup Slow moving setup
Temperature 10 – 20 degrees
Feeding Eats pretty much anything from dry foods like pellets, granules and flakes. They also thrive on frozen food and live food.
Gender The females have a more fuller body, while the males grow tubercles on their heads and ridges on their pectoral fins at spawning time.