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Albino Corydoras
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Albino Corydoras
Albino Corydoras



Albino Corydoras is a variation of the Bronze Corydoras, they are a very peaceful bottom dweller that just swims around looking for food. They are best kept in a community setup with peaceful tanks mates. They are also great for cleaning up the bottom of the aquarium with the food searching habits.


Common Name Albino Corydoras, Albino Cory Cat
Scientific Name Corydoras Aeneus Spp.
Size 7cm
Origin South America, trinidad, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia pretty much in all the South America Streams and rivers.
Tank Setup Community Setup
Temperature 22 - 27 degrees
Feeding Omnivore, they can thrive on granules, pellets, wafers and any other sinking foods.
Gender The females tend to be bigger and are wider when looked from above compare to the males.