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Red Devil
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Red Devil
Red Devil


An extremely aggressive cichlid that usually does not tolerate other tank mates. Its usually better kept alone but sometimes you do get the odd Red Devil that can live with larger cichlids. They are usually best kept by itself or if with other tank mates its needs to be a large aquarium with lots of hiding places, to reduce the aggression. These guys are also very hardy and grow fairly large making them nice display fishes.

Common Name Red Devil Cichlid
Scientific Name Amphilophus Labiatus
Size 30cm
Origin Central America, Lake Nicaragua and Lake Mangua
Tank Setup Species Tank
Temperature 24 - 27 degrees
Feeding Omnivorous, can take flakes and pellets and can also take live and frozen food.
Gender Females are usually smaller and the males are usually larger and usually grows a Nuchal bump.