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20 Neons for $20
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20 Neons for $20
20 Neons for $20


We have a special on Neon Tetras. 20 Neon Tetras for $20.

Neon Tetras are a great community fish, they are small and very peaceful. They shouldn't be kept with other large fish because they would end up as food.

They are best kept in a planted setup with other small tetras and small non predatory fish.

These guys prefer to be kept in a group of 5 or more and are great schooling fish.

Neons and are great for beginners in the fish hobby.

Great for those who want a big Neon Explosion in their Aquarium.

Common Name Neon Tetra
Scientific Name Paracheirodon Innesi
Size 4cm
Origin South America
Tank Setup Coummunity Setup
Temperature 21 - 26 degrees
Feeding Omnivorous, can take flakes and small granules. But these guys thrive on worms, small crustaceans, plant matter and brine shrimp
Gender Males are more slender then the females, females tend to be rounder.