These guys are small and easy to look after fish, with nice bright yellow fins, they look great in schools or 5 or more. They are fairly peaceful and can be kept with other rainbows and in a community setup with Neons and other Tetras. Overall these guys make a great addition to a tank that is in need of colour.
Common Name Forktail Rainbowfish, Forktail Blue Eye, Furcata Rainbow
Scientific Name Pseudomugil Furcatus
Size 5cm
Origin Oceania
Tank Setup Community Setup
Temperature 22 – 24 degrees
Feeding Omnivore, Can take anything from Flakes, granules, pellets to even small live food. They can also take frozen foods like blood worms. They are not really picky eaters so most things should do.
Gender The males fins tend to be a lot more brighter.