The Elongatus Gold Bar is best kept in a tank where the tank mates can defend themselves, due to the fact these guys tend to be very aggressive. They can also be confused with the Pseudotropheus Minutus which is similar but a little bit more mellower and are less aggressive compared to the Elongatus. This is a great fish to keep especially the males who have great coloration during breeding or when his protecting his territory.
Common Name

Elongatus Gold Bar

Scientific Name Pseudotropheus Elongatus
Size 12cm
Origin Lake Malawi
Tank Setup Cichlid setup, should be kept with other Malawi that can defend themselves.
Temperature 20 – 27 degrees
Feeding Herbivore, like most Pseudotropheus species they prefer algae and small inverterbrates. They can also be fed vegetable matter.
Gender Males has brilliant Gold bars instead of the usual blue bars. While the females are usually a dull brown colour.