The Red Empress is one impressive and beautiful cichlid, due to its coloration. Most people buy due to that reason, they are also easy to keep but be wary they tend to get aggressive towards other males of its species. If you want to keep other males, its best the tank is large enough to accommodate them with plenty of hiding places. Great fish for those who want a spectacular display tank.
Common Name Red Empress, Spindle Hap
Scientific Name Haplochromis Taeniolatus, Protomelas Taeniolatus
Size 15cm
Origin Lake Malawi
Tank Setup Cichlid setup, usually aggressive towards other males, but peaceful againest other cichlids.
Temperature 20 – 27 degrees
Feeding Herbivore, will do fine with a varied diet of spirulina and pellets, to granules.
Gender Males have an awesome showroom colour consisting of shimmering red, blue and orange to yellow colouration. While the female tends to stay silver.