The Sailfin Pleco is known mainly as a Gibbicep, they have large dark spots and large decorative fins. They are a very fancy and a very beautiful algae eater. They are also very hardy and easy to look after. A great addition to any tank due to their hardiness and there tolerance for other fish.
Common Name Sailfin Plecostomus, Leopard Pleco, Leopard Plecostomus, Spotted Sailfin Pleco, L083, L165
Scientific Name Pterygoplichthys Gibbiceps, Ancistrus Gibbiceps, Chaetostomus Gibbiceps,
Size 50 cm
Origin South America, Rio Pacaya in Peru
Tank Setup Community Setup To Aggressive Fish Setup
Temperature 20 – 27 degrees
Feeding Herbivorous, prefers algae but their diet needs to be supplimented with Algae Wafers and green vegetables like spinach, Lettuce and Zucchini.
Gender Unknown