The Silver Hatchet Fish is a peaceful and timid fish that makes a great addition to any community setup. They are usually top swimming fish but once in a while they would dive to the bottom. They are also known for jumping so cover glass is a must. Great fish and a must try fish.
Common Name Silver Hatchet Fish, Common Hatchetfish
Scientific Name Gasteropelecus Sternicla
Size 6.5cm
Origin Amazon Basin, Peruvian Basin, Middle Amazon, The Guianas and Venezuela
Tank Setup Community Setup
Temperature 24 – 28 degrees
Feeding Omnivore, generally eats all kinds of foods, from live to frozen and can be taught to eat flakes and granules, the food must be floating otherwise they will find it hard to eat, because of the way their mouth is.
Gender Hard to tell but from above the females are more plump.