Easy to look after and is very active fish. They tend to have a tendency to jump when scared, so their tank should always be covered. They are also aggressive and should not be kept in a community setup, better off in a Species or a native setups with fishes that can defend and look after themselves. They make a great addition to any tank and can spice up the aquarium, with the activeness.
Common Name Spangled Grunter, Spangled Perch, Bobby Perch, Bobby Cod, Trout Cod
Scientific Name Leiopotherapon Unicolor
Size 30cm
Origin Mainly found in the Northern parts of Australia.
Tank Setup Species or Native setup
Temperature 5 to 44 degrees
Feeding Carnivorous, eats a variety of food, from pellets, granules to live and frozen foods.
Gender  Can only be distinguish during breeding time, where the females Papilla becomes large and more obvious, while the males are smaller and less bulbed.