The Spotted Headstander is a very peaceful community fish, that is best kept in a group of 3 to 4 to reduce shyness. They are named due to their swimming behaviour, of swimming head down. These guys can be kept with a variety of tetras, South American cichlids and even some African varieties like the African Butterfly fish and Humphead cichlid. These guys make a great addition to any community set up.
Common Name Spotted Headstander
Scientific Name Chilodus Punctatus
Size 10 cm
Origin Found in South America, in the slow moving water of the Amazon basin also found in the Western Orinoco River Basin.
Tank Setup Best kept in a planted community tank
Temperature 24 – 26 degrees
Feeding Omnivore, their diet should include high quality flakes, with spiralina supplemented foods. They can also thrive on Live Blood worms and Black worms.
Gender Not much differences, but the females are more plumper.